About Us


The Vision

  • Build leadership skills in community development and empowerment through humanitarian services.
  • Discover, nurture, and support young talents.
  • Promote cultural diversity between English and French Cameroon with focus on all 10 regions of the country.

The Mission

  • Bridge the socio-cultural gap between English and French Cameroon.
  • Encourage social media entrepreneurship.
  • Reduce unemployment rate amongst youths.
  • Create more visibility for youths in every existing sector of the business world.
  • Create and facilitate a platform for women to present solutions and strategies to showcase their cultures and as role models and leaders, through leadership within their communities, affect positive change through advocacy.

The Purpose

The contest is designated to build better relationships with people working to leave positive impacts in their respective sphere of life within the 237 community at the same time connecting all 10 regions of the country to cultivate personal career goals.